Friday Night Lights

Match Play for high school players ages 13-18. Pizza and Beverages included.

Orange 1

Juniors with little or no professional instruction. The focus will be on building strong fundamentals, stroke technique, footwork and beginning play.

Orange 2

Juniors who have graduated level one program or received approval from WVIT staff. Focus on stroke technique, footwork and point

Kids Zone

Fun tennis for youngsters.

Middle School Training

Players with prior professional instruction, or who competed on their middle school or junior varsity high school team. Focus will be on refining strokes, tactical strategies, footwork and match situations.

Green 1

Older juniors with little experience. The emphasis will be on fundamentals, footwork, strategy and rules of the game.

Green 2

Green 2 for kids with prior instruction. Kids need to be able to serve and play out points prior to entering this program.

Red 1

Fun tennis for kids beginning play.

Red 2

Red 2 is for kids with prior instruction. Kids need to be able to make contact with the ball consistenly prior to entering this program.

High School Training

Juniors who compete on their high school varsity team. Focus is on improving shot confidence through intense live-ball drilling, match play and tennis specific conditioning.